2021 Employee Spotlight Winner – Lori from the Main Office!

Westover Recognizes Outstanding Employees!

This year, Westover Companies announces the winners of its second annual Employee Spotlight Awards. Employees at Westover Companies were invited to nominate an outstanding colleague within the company. Westover values hardworking employees and recognizes outstanding work. This year’s awards featured three different categories: Leasing; Maintenance; Westover’s Main Office Staff. 

Congratulations to our Employee Spotlight Winner, Lori Fiore; Lead Property Coordinator 

“Lori is passionate about her job and genuinely cares about how she does it. Lori is a team player and she often allows herself to be vulnerable with her team. She shares her story with us and lets us know that she is one of us. She promotes the company and advocates to our companies mission. Lori has a strong sense of fairness. She gives attention to everyone on her team and aids each of us in a way that is tailored to help us grow. She praises us and shows gratitude for having us on her team. The way she manages her team feels like that of a older sister, like family. I know, that she’s work hard and made some really incredible changes personally to become the supervisor that she is today.” – Sierra Nyarko; Property Coordinator

Get to Know Lori Through our Q&A! 

Q: What is your name and title with Westover Companies? 

A: “My name is Lori Fiore, I am the Lead Property Coordinator for Westover.”

Q: How long have you worked for Westover? 

A: “I have been at Westover for 23 years!”

Q: What are some of your typical daily tasks? 

A: “Each day is different. However most of my daily tasks consist of adjusting account ledgers, processing move outs, countersign move in’s, process reports, and more!”

Q: What do you like most about working for Westover Companies? 

A: “I like the close-knit feeling as if you are family. Westover truly cares about their employees. They offer great benefits including free medical and dental coverage! They also make sure to recognize hard work and will promote from within.”

Q: What are some of your favorite activities/hobbies that you enjoy outside of work

A: “I love spending quality time with my family.”

Q: A lot of people tend to change jobs throughout their lifetime, what made you want to stay and continue working for Westover?  

A: “I like what I do. I love the team I work with. There is a great sense of community at Westover and we all have a common goal and can accomplish it together.”

Q: Do you work closely with anyone else in the Main Office? 

A: “I work close with my team and have some great relationships with a few others who have been here just as long as I have.”

Q: How has the company itself changed since you first started your career here?

A: “Westover has changed in many ways but for the better. We have grown so much as a team as well as the property portfolio expanding. When I first started, Westover was used to sticking with the same routine because it worked for us. However, as we grow, we have been thinking much more outside of the box, and have become more relaxed with trying out different strategies to benefit the company.”

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