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Welcome to the Westover Living blog! If you are a resident, employee, or someone in the property management industry, you’ll feel right at home here! This is where you will find the latest news from The Westover Companies, updates on the Westover team members and properties, tips and tricks about apartment living, and much more!

Founded in 1965, The Westover Companies have provided quality living, shopping, and office space for our customers for 50 years. We are dedicated to providing residents with comfortable and affordable choices in apartment living. 

Headquartered in King of Prussia, Westover has grown to include nearly 15,000 apartments in over 70 communities in the Philadelphia suburbs, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Florida. We also manage one million square feet of commercial and retail space in eight shopping centers and one million square feet of office buildings in the Philadelphia area.

Steeped in 50 years of traditions, The Westover Companies has established itself as a leader in the property management industry. We bring comfortable luxury to each of our residents’ homes by providing lush community grounds, smart apartment design, and sustainability in each of our communities.

We understand the importance of exceptional property management and ensure our communities provide the best in customer service., curb appeal, and maintenance work. To find Westover apartments to rent, visit our website where you can search by community or by map! The Westover Companies

As The Westover Companies moves into its second 50 years – and beyond – we remain dedicated to our founder’s original vision and are committed to maintaining the highest standards in apartment living and commercial spaces for our residents and clients for many years to come. As you take a look at our blog posts, make sure to share your favorite one to social media!

Deciding where and how to live is a decision that should not be made lightly. Click here to read more about apartment living, and what you can do to help give you the best apartment experience at a Westover property.

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The Westover Team is dedicated to putting their people first – residents, commercial tenants, and employees. Click here to read more about what the Westover Team does to continue to ensure customer service and help make a difference.