Meet Dorene Guzik, Property Manager for Westover Commercial

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Dorene Guzik’s journey to property management was rather unique. Dorene started out as an Administrator working for Simon Property Group, famously known for being the owner of the King of Prussia Mall, where she learned the ins-and-outs of commercial real estate. She wanted to remain in the same industry but she was missing the ability to grow, learn, and take on more responsibilities in addition to leasing. She was yearning to join a company that would help her advance her career but would also support her personal and professional goals, like a family does. It was here that Dorene came across an open position for a Commercial Property Manager at Westover Companies, expanding her horizons into commercial property management. Upon being on-boarded to Westover, Dorene finally felt the more intimate and supportive culture that she was longing for.

In order to learn more about the Commercial Property Manager role, we sat down with Dorene and got the inside scoop on her time as manager of Westover’s Commercial division and what she admires most about working for Westover.

Q: What is your job title and what are your responsibilities within your role?

I am the Property Manager for the Commercial division of Westover. I oversee approximately 2 million square feet of retail and office space, show spaces to prospective tenants and assist with leases, manage crews and improvement projects, make property visits, conduct inspections, order new tenant signs, work to retain tenants, update website floorplans, and much more.

Q: A commercial property manager is known to wear many hats, can you talk about things that you have helped out with or have taken on to make sure things would run smoothly?

Similar to our Residential Property Managers, Commercial Property Managers also wear many hats depending on the situation that arises. I have served as a manager, budgeter, marketer, mediator, organizer, and sounding board and many other roles.

Q: Are there any examples of how the Westover commercial division has gone above and beyond for its commercial partners?

The crew often stays late to finish jobs and will help tenants any way they can to create a long lasting, strong relationship. The crew will even assist when needed on weekends for emergencies.

Q: What are some things that you do at Westover to let your commercial partners know that they are appreciated?

We want our clients to be as happy as possible so we make regular in person visits a priority, hand-deliver holiday cookies to our tenants, and try to mediate problems by keeping a positive attitude. This goes a long way in maintaining relationships with our clients.

Q: What types of skills do you think new Commercial Property Managers need to have in order to be successful?

I think Commercial Property Managers need to be patient, friendly, be able to deal with irate customers, communicate effectively, solve many different types of problems, and most of all – be able to master multitasking.

Q: Do you have any advice for others looking to get into commercial property management?

Commercial property management allows you to network and meet many different people since your clients are business owners who rent your office or retail space. I’ve met real estate agents, contractors, brokers, attorneys and many others. You must want to do everything possible to make a property look nice and run smoothly.

Q: What is your favorite part about working at Westover?

I would say my favorite part about working for Westover is all of the unique challenges that each day presents. Every day is different and with it comes different problems to solve and people to meet. I would also say that the people I work with are genuine, fun, and hard working.

Dorene’s hard work does not go unnoticed here at Westover!

Are you interested in a property management career? Apply to one of our open positions today and start your career at the Westover Companies!


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