Meet Regina Feret, Property Manager at Valley Forge Suites

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Regina Feret didn’t originally consider a career in property management, but once she started, she fell in love and never looked back. She loved the idea of meeting new people and found satisfaction in helping others find their new home. 19 years later, she still continues to find satisfaction in her day-to-day as the Property Manager of Valley Forge Suites with the Westover Companies. Regina did not come to Westover as a manager. She started as a part-time Leasing Consultant giving tours and developing a fundamental understanding of the apartment industry. Her passion for helping people and serving residents, as well as a strong ability to multi task, among other qualities, fueled her climb to Assistant Property Manager and then to her current role, Property Manager.

In order to learn more about the Property Manager role, we sat down with Regina and got the inside scoop on her time as manager of Valley Forge Suites and what she admires most about working for Westover.

Q: A property manager is known to wear many hats, can you talk about things that you have helped out with or have taken on to make sure things would run smoothly?

Many hats is right. I can say I have worn my fair share over the years. Manager, Counselor, Fireman, Mediator, Detective, Maintenance Tech. When we are working after maintenance hours things still go wrong. I have taken the opportunity to learn things from my maintenance team. I may not be able to replace a toilet, but I can assist them with the little stuff and sometimes save them a trip on their days off.

Q: Can you talk about how your career has grown and changed since you first started at Westover?

There is so much room for growth with Westover. I started as a part time leasing consultant, moved up to assistant manager and finally Property Manager. I have also extended assistance to training with new managers to help them succeed. With so many communities in our portfolio there are always a new positions coming available.

Q: How has the company itself changed since you first started your career here?

Westover has grown so much in the last few years. There is an overall sense of community with company sponsored events that include our families and loved ones, not to mention the benefits package that started with free health care to now giving us 401K, disability and life insurance packages.

 Q: What is your favorite part about working at Valley Forge Suites?

No day is the same. Things can change at any second, which often requires you to think quickly on your feet and multi task. The different types of people we meet every day varies and it always challenges us to develop our communication and people skills.

Q: What are some things that you do at Valley Forge Suites to let your residents know that they are appreciated? Have you hosted any resident events, if so, what are some examples?

We love hosting events for our residents! Most recently we set up a Breakfast To Go Event so residents could grab a quick breakfast and a good morning from our team. We hold a Resident Appreciation even every year, summer pool parties and we are currently planning for our Cookies and Cocoa with Santa event this December.

Q: What types of skills do you think new Property Managers need to have in order to be successful?

I think every Property Manager needs to be able to communicate with residents as well as their team. Attention to detail is key as well as the ability to multi task. You can go from working on your budget, to taking a prospective resident on a tour to handling an emergency on site in s as matter of minutes.

Q: What is your favorite part about working for Westover?

One of the keys to happiness is loving what you do and being passionate about it. I work with a whole team of people who are doing what they love and it shows in their attitude and work output. Westover gives you all the tools and training you need to excel at your career. You never feel like you are in this alone as there is a whole team to back you up and give you advice at any given time. There is a true sense of community with Westover!

Q: Do you have any advice for others looking to get into property management?

If you want a career that pushes you to develop your people, communication and problem solving skills and ability to adapt to different situations, then this is for you.

Are you interested in a property management career? Apply to one of our open positions today and start your career at the Westover Companies!

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