Westover Companies at the NAA Conference 2019 in Denver, CO!

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About NAA

The National Apartment Association (NAA) held their annual Apartmentalize conference at The Colorado Convention Center in Denver! The NAA is the leading voice for the rental housing industry and is a powerful advocate that serves more than 9.7 million rental housing units that are operated globally. Their mission is to serve as a trusted, preeminent resource for all stakeholders in the rental housing industry through advocacy, education, and collaboration.

What did Westover do in Denver?

Starting on June 26th through June 28th, 2019, over 100 Westover employees gathered in Denver, CO for NAA’s Apartmentalize conference. The conference included networking events, National Maintenance Mania competition, trade show with 500+ exhibitors, educational classes, and more!


Westover Training 

Once everyone arrived in Denver, CO, the Westover employees headed over to the Grand Hyatt Hotel for a training session on The Predictive Index! The Predictive Index (PI) is an assessment that all employees have taken prior to their employment. The PI allows individuals to find out the best way to interact with their coworkers. Assessment takers get two lists of adjectives. Using the first list, they are asked to select the words that describe the way others expect them to act. Using the second list, they are asked to select the words that describe them in their own opinion.

After our employees completed the assessment, they were assigned to a reference profile, which is a summary of the way they think and work. There are Analytical profiles, Social profiles, Stabilizing profiles, and Persistent profiles. Within each category, there are different types of profiles that describe your behaviors, needs, and strengths. At our PI training in Denver, the Westover employees learned a lot about each other and why they are able to work well together within their department.


Westover Rendezvous Sponsored Dinner

Following the PI training, the Westover employees headed over to their first company dinner in Denver, Co that was sponsored by Rent Path and Capital One! While everyone was enjoying their dinner, the Westover Marketing Team hosted a fun Instagram contest! They had a fun photo prop frame to encourage people to engage with Westover’s recently launched Instagram, Westover Living.

Congratulations to the three winners that each received a $50 Visa Gift Card; Mike Shaffer from Oaktree Apartments, Sarah Archdeacon from Rose Tree Crossing Apartments, and Laura Peed from Wyntre Brooke Apartments. Make sure to give Westover Living a follow to stay updated with Westover’s latest news and more contests to come! #WestoverLiving



Westover started their day early by attending informative and interesting NAA classes at The Colorado Convention Center that were very helpful to the Westover employees. Each attendee was able to choose the classes that best suited their interest within the property management industry. The categories of classes included topics within Affordable Housing, Human Resources, Industry Trends, Maintenance, Technology and more!

One class that every Westover team member went to was called “10 Innovations that will Change Everything”. The Westover Companies President and CEO, Gunti Weissenberger, was one of the speakers for this class! The other panelists for this presentation included; Ellen Thompson who is the founder of Results Repeat, Jennifer Staciokas who is the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Training, & Pricing for Pinnacle, and Lucas Haldeman who is the founder and CEO of Smart Rent.

Mr. Weissenberger discussed where the industry is headed regarding alternative rent payment options, as well as people expecting quick answers in today’s culture. To learn more about the 10 Innovations that will Change Everything, click here!

Trade Show

On the trade show floor, there were 500+ exhibitors that were there to offer solutions to help benefit the rental industry. Many booths had opportunities to win money and prizes as well! The trade show was also a great way for industry experts to be able to network with one another and learn something new!



On Friday morning, the Westover team began their day bright and early by attending more NAA classes at the convention center. After the classes, the Westover team took the time to walk the trade show floor and check out all of the different vendors that were available while entering to win different prizes! Unfortunately, none of the Westover employees won the car, but maybe there will be better luck next year!

Westover Hard Rock Cafe Sponsored Dinner

For Westover’s last night in Denver, CO, the team came together for their last dinner at The Hard Rock Café! This dinner was sponsored by Better NOI, Liberty Rent, and Multi Housing Depot (MHD)! The Westover employees were able to get to know one another, enjoy some delicious food, and make memories that would last a lifetime!



At the NAA Conference, Westover was able to see famous actress, writer, comedian, and producer, Mindy Kaling! Mindy discussed her experiences and presented how her hard work over the years has led to her success.


Westover was also able to attend a presentation by Laila Ali who is a world-class athlete, fitness and wellness expert, TV host, cooking enthusiast, book author, founder of the Laila Ali Lifestyle Brand, mother of two, four-time undefeated boxing world champion, and the daughter of Muhammad Ali! Laila discussed her life story and the obstacles she went through that led her to the women she is today.


Apartments.com sponsored a Keith Urban concert at The Fillmore in Denver! What a great show!

See You Next Year NAA!

Not only did Westover have a great time in Denver, but they also learned a lot of valuable information about the rental industry, that they will now carry with them throughout their careers!

What was your favorite part of NAA’s Apartmentalize? Let us know by commenting on our NAA pictures on the Westover Living Instagram!

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