You Can Have It All Living in “The Grove” – Willow Grove, PA

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What’s so special about living in Willow Grove, PA? Besides it residing in the geographically diverse Montgomery County, Willow Grove has a variety of delicious restaurants, nature areas and parks, shopping at the Willow Grove Park Mall, and unique apartment communities.

Westover Willow Grove Apartment Communities

Did you know that Willow Grove’s name dates back to 1792 when mapmaker Reading Howell named it as so because of the abundance of willow trees (hence the name “The Grove”)? It’s not a surprise that Westover’s two apartment communities are surrounded by trees – Willow Run Apartments and Jamestown Village Apartments. If you’re in search of an apartment community that provides superior customer service, excellent and responsive maintenance work, as well as lush community grounds, these two Westover communities will check all your boxes.

Willow Run Apartments

Willow Run Apartments, located on West Moreland Rd, blends country living with suburban charm. Being located on a former horse farm, Willow Run’s community includes a converted farmhouse and features beige buildings with forest green shutters and doors.

Unique to Willow Run is that each apartment has a private entry, meaning you open your front door directly to the inside of your apartment, not a lobby, or elevator like most communities. This gives residents an easy way to develop relationships with their neighbors. Additionally, residents at Willow Run can enjoy peace and quiet with concrete construction along with the community’s location being tucked away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Willow Grove. To learn more about Willow Run’s floor plans and amenities, contact our leasing staff to schedule your tour!

“Absolutely lovely apartment complex. The staff aims to please, service calls are handled in a quick manner, and the residents are polite and quiet.” –Willow Run Apartments Resident (November 2019)

Jamestown Village Apartments

Jamestown Village Apartments, located on Maryland Rd, is conveniently close to commuters’ main roads in routes 276 and 611 and local attractions. Jamestown’s exterior gives way to a classic red-brick with white shutters and features an abundance of landscaping and trees around the community.

Popular at Jamestown are the community amenities and free utilities that residents can take advantage of. With a below-ground swimming pool, swings, jungle gym, fitness center, and free cooking heat, water, sewer, and trash, residents can have fun and save money! Not to mention offering upgraded apartments that feature grey plank flooring and stainless steel appliances, Jamestown is built with the resident in mind. If you’d like to learn more about Jamestown Village, make sure to contact our leasing staff online or stop by to schedule your tour!

“Jamestown is a community. The office staff is professional, friendly, and always helpful. Maintenance is always prompt and respectful of your home. Neighbors are just as great. You get to know a little bit of everyone here.” –Jamestown Village Apartments Resident (September 2019)

Countless Willow Grove Dining Options

From contemporary seafood and steaks at Bonefish Grill, old-fashioned Italian at Pasta Fazool, Vietnamese at Pho and Beyond, build-your-own pizzas at MOD Pizza, or American breakfast staples at Terminal Restaurant, locals in “The Grove” have all sorts of eateries at their fingertips, along with dining options at the Willow Grove Park Mall.

Endless Shopping at the Willow Grove Park Mall

Shoppers need to contain themselves when we say that there are over 130 stores at the Willow Grove Park Mall. From higher end retailers such as Banana Republic, Michael Kors, and Bath and Body Works, to tasty restaurants like TGI Fridays, The Cheesecake Factory, and Stewart’s All American, shoppers have everything at the Willow Grove Park Mall. To see a full store listing or learn about events the mall puts on, check out their website!

Credit: Willow Grove Park Mall

Enjoy the Great Outdoors and Scenic Parks

People who love the outdoors and love to hike will be delighted to hear that there are tons of scenic and distinctive parks to take advantage of in Willow Grove. With 7 acres of nature trails and stations, trail bridges, as well as bird and bat houses is Buehler Park Nature Study Area. Looking to spend a weekend outside playing sports? Woodlawn Park is your stomping ground. Featuring two tennis courts, three basketball courts, a baseball field overlapping a soccer field, and so much more, Woodlawn Park is an athlete’s dream for outside practice. With so many parks to choose from, you can enjoy the outdoors and get a sweat in at any of the parks in Willow Grove.

The writing is on the wall (or the trees in Willow Grove’s case) – Willow Grove has plenty of everything. From the people who love to explore, to the foodie with a knack for exciting cuisines, Willow Grove’s parks, restaurants, shopping, and most notably, apartment communities, are worth seeing. Westover has two quaint communities that are just minutes away from all that Willow Grove has to offer. Check out Jamestown Village Apartments and Willow Run Apartments to see which one matches your apartment home needs the best and schedule your tour!

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