5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Utility Bill

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Paying the monthly rent is the easy part, saving on your utility costs can be a real challenge. Water bills and electricity bills tend to really fluctuate throughout each season. Here are 5 ways that can help you save money on those bills you really do not want to pay.

1. Adjust Your Thermostat (in the right direction)

Heating and cooling is no joke when it comes to the large amount on your bill each month. No one wants to be uncomfortable while relaxing in their home. The amount of air or heat that you need is dependent on the square footage in your apartment, as well as what season it is. In the summer, on those viciously hot days, you are going to want to blast the AC! Or on a snowy cold night, you are going to want to turn that heat up and get cozy with your blankets! You may not realize the consequences of this until you get the bill. Do not crank your thermostat up or down in order to cool or heat your house faster. Instead, when no one is home for about 8 hours or longer, set your thermostat 5-8 degrees higher in the summer and 10-15 degrees lower in the winter. This can help you save a lot of money and up to 15% on your yearly energy costs according to the U.S Department of Energy.

2. Turn Off or Unplug Your Appliances

Today more than ever before, we plug in everywhere! Some people even have multiple chargers throughout their home just for their phone. It seems like a very simple task to unplug these wires from the wall to save power, but what about the outlets we can’t reach? It may be a smart move to invest in a new power strip that will allow you to disconnect from everything with one flip of a switch! Even if your electronics are still plugged into the power strip, this can still reduce the amount of power you would have used with it still turned on.

3. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

According to the U.S Department of Energy, residential LEDs use at least 75% less energy while lasting 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. Think about all of the money you can save if LEDs use that much less energy than traditional lighting. Especially if you are someone that likes to leave at least one light on when you go out for the night, this can be an easy thing to replace!

4. Purchase a Shower Head Adapter

Most of us like to wait until our shower heats up to the temperature that we prefer. However, you may not realize the gallons of water being wasted within that time. Some shower head adapters lower the water flow until you are ready to get into the shower. Even if your apartment does not have a water-saving shower head, you can always buy one to try to save more money and make a difference on your water bill!

5. Arrange Your Furniture Properly

Are you cranking up your AC and not noticing much of a difference? Make sure to check to see if any furniture or appliances is blocking any vents or baseboards. You do not want to block any air flow in your apartment. Once you move your furniture out of the way, you will notice a big difference on the temperature throughout your apartment home and save money on your utilities.

The Westover Green Initiative

The Westover Companies have taken a Green Initiative that has made a significant impact on some of the properties! Check it out!

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