Employee Appreciation Day 2024

Westover Celebrates Employee Appreciation Day!

Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 1st!

We asked everyone at The Westover Companies to send positive messages about their favorite co-workers. We wanted to share how well this team works together, and how much everyone is appreciated!

We were so excited to see so many entries this year! It was truly an honor to read every message that was sent in! Over 115 positive messages from nearly every department!

A message to Melissa Morrison from Shenell Victoria Beaubrun:

“Melissa is one of the best Managers I’ve had in general. She is so supportive, knowledgeable and always willing to help. She always has such a pleasant demeanor, and she is as passionate about helping the residents as I am. She makes coming to work enjoyable and I can’t imagine being here without her.”

A message to Earl Fisher from Shenell Victoria Beaubrun:

“Earl is simply amazing! He is friendly, knowledgeable, and such a resource to the team. Earl is the definition of a team player; he’s always so eager to jump in and help everyone. He is patient and kind and has taught me many things from his side of the business since being here. He brings so much to the team, and we are lucky to have him.”

A message to Christopher Benitez from Precious Ambati:

“Chris always has a great attitude, encourages positivity, and keeps the rest of the team smiling.”

A message to Cait Berry from Chris Benitez:

“Cait has helped guide me through my new role in Training. I have learned a lot about training from her past experiences and it has helped shape me into my position today. Cait encourages us to take training courses to give us new insight in different areas of the industry and to develop new skillsets for future trainings. On top of that, Cait is very down to earth and great to work with. Thank you, Cait, for all your guidance.”

A message to Ravenna Taylor from Mary Gibson:

“Ray is an outstanding co/manager. He has not been with us long, but he has already shown that he is a leader, and everyone respects him. Including all the tenants. Ray has a way of calming all situations. He has a very positive attitude and is an extremely hard worker. It has been a pleasure working with Ray!!”

A message to Jody Pierson from Jacki Krajewski:

“Jody rocks because she is always available. I do not know how she gets so much done in one day between managing her own portfolio and reviewing everyone’s renewals and learning budgets/narratives and reviewing payrolls for all properties and being available to discuss unique situations for solutions and the list goes on….. Thank you Jody for all you do! for this we will always make sure you are covered to enjoy your vacations and relax when you get those chances.”

A message to The AP Team from Danielle Tindall:

“The Accounts Payable team rocks! A team of only 4 people (one of whom is only part time) handle all of the Accounts Payable functions for both the commercial and residential properties. They are a well-oiled machine, processing over 5,000 invoices each month! They are always willing to help each other and the Managers out in the field whenever they need it. They may keep everyone on their toes, but their attention to detail, organizational skills and dedication to the job are just a few traits that help the AP team run so efficiently. You are appreciated not just today, but every day!”

A message to Robert Shaeffer from Jennifer Shaeffer:

“He works harder than anyone I know. Just this past December he suffered a 7 mini strokes, and the whole time while recovering he was worried about his guys. He works like no other I have ever met. He truly loves his job and this company.”

A message to Precious Ambati from Chris Benitez:

“Precious is very knowledgeable and helpful in learning new areas of the industry I have not experienced before. She shows such drive in wanting to learn more from state laws to new policies and procedures. Overall, Precious is a genuine individual who enjoys wanting to help others to succeed along with bringing new innovated ideas to the Training Department. I am thankful to work alongside with Precious!”

A message to Derek Kessler from Nydia Ortiz:

“Derek goes above and beyond to help and make sure work is done correct and in a timely manner. If there is an issue, he will search for answers and alternatives to make sure work is completed. Always looks for ways to save money without jeopardizing the quality of the product acquired. Derek is a team player always willing to share his knowledge and help his teammates.”

A message to Lana Mancini from Chris Benitez:

“Lana has always been and still is an efficient and fun manager to work with. Lana can and will teach you anything that you show interest in and encourages you, as an Assistant Manager, to grow into the Property Manager role. Lana loves to have fun at work and is always thinking of others before herself. Lana, you are a Rockstar!”

A message to Charlene Coll from Brooke Jackson:

“Charlene has been such a bright light to work alongside of, and she is always willing to step in and help. I have witnessed her call to action on multiple occasions, whether it be diffusing a situation with a resident, cleaning an apartment, or getting her hands dirty solving a maintenance request in order to lighten the load of our team. Charlene doesn’t just play the role of manager; she is willing to help with whatever it takes to complete a task. She has been a beautiful example of Westover’s Company Values. She starts each day with a new perspective, flushes out negativity, communicates, and serves our team and residents with excellence.”

A message to Regina Feret from Megan Treisner:

“Since I’ve been the sales specialist for independence crossing apartments, Regina has truly welcomed me with open arms. I do not feel separate (as I am remote). They keep me involved in everything going on at the community as if I was there in the office day to day. The relationship that we have built makes working with her community a pleasure and I also think it helps create a better experience to the prospects. Regina always makes it a point to come see me whenever she is at the corporate office just to say hi. I feel like a part of the team and that is a really good feeling!”

A message to Rhonda Smith from Nydia Ortiz:

“Rhonda is very good at her job; she takes pride in making sure all units are cleaned and disinfected prior to a move in. Cleans office and laundry room daily and makes sure they smell clean. Rhonda is someone teammates can rely on for knowledge and making sure work is done correctly, she always aims for perfection because that’s who she is. She is more than a cleaner, she not only performs her duties, but also is willing to learn and offer her assistance in any other areas that she can be utilized. She often offers ideas on move-in gifts to give future residents and helps with searching for prices on products needed either for maintenance or the office. She is a great asset to the company; we are happy and blessed to have her.”

A message to Rhonda Jourdain from Megan Treisner:

“Rhonda has been so awesome and friendly since I joined the team at Waterloo. She answers any questions I have and is always reaching out just to check in on different things. It is really nice that we have been able to bond as a team especially because we have never met in person. When I speak to prospects, they always have positive things to say so, it is just a pleasure getting to work with her as well as the team there at Waterloo.”

A message to Laura Peed from Bonnie Watson:

“She is a fantastic manager, trainer and mentor. Comes up with great community events, she is fun, always positive and gets things done!”

A message to Luis Custodio from Bonnie Watson:

“Luis is hardworking, kind and dependable. Always on the move. Easy to work with.”

A message to Dennis Buhsmer from Allyson Newman:

“Dennis is an amazing manager. He is pleasant and understanding of both his coworkers and our residents. Our residents rave about him and feel very comfortable bringing up any concerns about the property. He is always trying to find a solution to improve residents’ experience. I feel very lucky to work with him.”

A message to William Szcepanski from Dinora Collins:

“William goes above and beyond to make sure the work orders get done. He could be in the middle of something and will stop what he is doing to run and let contractors in at other units without complaining. He is willing to learn new things at anytime. I am very proud to have a coworker like William.”

A message to Mary Rose Pukas from Cait Berry:

“Mary Rose is AMAZING! She is so patient with questions and always willing to teach those who want to learn. Her expertise in Entrata, Westover and the industry is beyond compare. And she is always there to help bounce a new idea off of or run through a problem.”

A message to Megan McShane from Brooke Jackson:

“Megan has been an integral part of our team. She has helped lighten our load in so many ways and provides our customers with a warm and fuzzy feeling before moving into their new home. She goes above and beyond to make sure we are informed of tours, and the needs of our future residents. She is always positive and kind.”

A message to Marvin Duckett from Kianna Richards:

“Hey there, I just wanted to give a shoutout to Marvin Duckett for going above and beyond with his cleaning duties. He really puts in the extra effort to make sure everything looks top-notch, walking the property 3 times a day. Whether it’s tidying up the grounds, buildings or prepping vacant units, Marvin’s dedication is truly impressive. Plus, he’s always lending a hand to maintenance when needed, even after he’s finished his own tasks for the day. Keep up the great work, Marvin!”

A message to April Hunter from Bobbi Jo Miller:

“April is always so helpful and understanding. She reaches out to us daily to let us know if a tour has been set up. She takes time to share any and all updates with us to keep it smooth for the applicants. We appreciate her hard work.”

A message to Jacki Krajewski from Kianna Richards:

“I would like to give a shout out to my Boss Jacki, who has been absolutely wonderful. It’s great to have a supportive boss like Jackie who’s always there to offer guidance and support. She’s always going the extra mile to ensure her team has the resources and training they need to succeed. She is definitely a great asset!”

A message to April Hunter from Olivia Quick:

“April was amazing at helping me when I first started. Any questions I had she answered. She walked me through any process I was unsure about by taking time out of her busy day to get on teams and share her screen so I could see exactly how to do something! She is great!”

A message to Mary Rose Pukas from Hallie Reitz:

“When you call Mary Rose, it is usually because you are stressed out and cannot figure out how to do a task in Entrata or there is an Entrata glitch. She is always kind and willing to help with anything! If she is not available, she always gets back to you quickly. She is the true definition of a Rock Star!”

A message to The Entire Company from Jody Pierson:

“Westover Rocks! We are one big family and I’m so grateful to work with such wonderful people.”

A message to Ashley Crossan from Kevin Fullman:

“Ashley arrived here at 901 a year ago in January. Through this time, she has done an excellent job providing for employees and residents. She has leased the building up to 85% and is truly an outstanding person to work with. I am truly proud to work with her anywhere anytime. She is 100% truly a great worker for Westover Companies.”

A message to Ashley Crossan from Sandra Snow:

“Working with Ashley has been a pleasure. She is very concerned about her employees and her residents, making sure that everyone is taken care of. She goes above and beyond to be a help to all when it is needed.”

A message to Sandra Snow from Ashley Crossan:

“I have known Sandra my entire 5 years here at Westover. She was my cleaner at Glen Eagle Village and is now my cleaner here at 901 Market Tower. She has always done an amazing job and always goes above and beyond, taking care of anything that needs to be done.”

A message to Kevin Fullman from Ashley Crossan:

“I have been working with Kevin my entire time here 901 Market Tower. He is a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond his job title. He is always pleasant with co-workers, contractors and residents.”

A message to Tammy O’Connor from Ashley Crossan:

“Tammy has been my Regional Manager my entire 5 years here at Westover. She has been an important part of my journey with Westover. With her guidance, I have gone from Assistant Property Manager to Property Manager through my time here. She has always believed in me and has taught me so much. I can never thank her enough.”

A message to Steven Baer, David Rothermel, Cierra Rodriguez, & Michael Fisher from Amanda Shocket:

“They always go above and beyond when doing anything for our residents. They treat every apartment as if they are the ones moving into it. They have pride in their work, and it shows. They are very accommodating to the office staff as well. They never disappoint. They go the extra mile every time. They make sure that everything keeps moving. They show great teamwork between them and also work as well independently. Wyomissing Properties Maintenance is a class act, and I am proud to say they are Our maintenance team.”

A message to Karyn Hunsberger and Linda Kahn from Amanda Shocket:

“These ladies have been awesome to me as I have learned this new position over this past year. They are always willing help and answer questions no matter what they are doing in their day. I value them and their knowledge. They are an asset to me, and I am grateful for them every day.”

A message to Alysia Coffee from Alexia Rayman:

“Alysia has been taking two days out of her busy week to assist Red Oak Acres with it’s influx of business the last two weeks. She has been a super big help in tenant matters and ensuring the many move ins and tours happen smoothly. I would not have been able to get through the workload without her help. She is open to learning and always ready to help. It has been wonderful to work with her as we each learn something new!!”

A message to Joselina Valverio from Theresa Twarogowski: 

“Josie is absolutely remarkable! She is very good at her job and works quickly. She not only cleans the apartments getting them ready for the next resident, but she also cleans the laundry rooms, fitness center, the library and the common hallways for half of the property. She cleans the windows, the doors and even cleans the water heaters and the electric meters. Josie also helps out at Norriton East, Independence Crossing and Sherman Courts when she is needed. We can’t compliment her enough for the excellent work she does!”

A message to Gregg Gilbert from Theresa Twarogowski:

“Gregg looks at Norriton East as his personally owned property and the people as his family and friends. He is very knowledgeable about electrical, plumbing, heating, carpentry. He records dates of when he installs any appliances, smoke detectors, zone valves, boiler parts, even dates when new carpets are put in. If ever a question come up about things that were replaced, he seems to know the answers. He always goes the extra mile and does his work very professionally. His wall repairs are amazing. You would never know there was a hole or water damage when his job is completed. He helps the vendors and works next to them when there is an issue, so that their time there is shorter and expenses are kept down.”

A message to Christina Reilly from Kimberly Kover:

“Christy is fun to work with! She is kind, a really good communicator and an asset to the Westover Team! Thank you for being on board and a joy to work with.”

A message to Caitlyn Bolinger, Korinna Baker and Lori Wienczek from Mary Rose Pukas:

“To our Property Coordinators Caitlyn, Korinna and Lori who GET IT DONE on a daily, weekly, yearly basis — You Rock Ladies! – Mary Rose”

A message to David Smucker from Mary Rose Pukas:

“Thanks, Dave Smucker, for making my password the last 16 digits of Pi!”

A message to Megan Treisner from Kimberly Kover:

“She is the first to ALWAYS volunteer for anything to help the team. She is a true asset!”

A message to Christina Smith from Kimberly Kover:

“Christina is very kind and always ready to help! And order Starbucks!!!!”

A message to Rob McSorley from Deanna Goodfellow:

“Rob is always available to help whenever needed. He goes the extra mile to make sure the residents are happy and satisfied. We can always count on Rob!”

A message to Bill O’Hara from Deanna Goodfellow:

“Bill shows up every day with a positive attitude. Is always ready to help when needed. Treats the residents with kindness and respect.”

A message to Debbie Steele from Melissa Moore-Micale:

“Debbie is a rock star she always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She is able to hold Winslow down while I run around to other properties and help them out. It would not be possible for me to do what I do for Westover without Debbie being at the Winslow House office doing what she does and holding it all down. Debbie is always smiling and comes into work with a good attitude and ready to go. Debbie is a blessing to have by my side.”

A message to Ramon Romero from Melissa Moore-Micale:

“Ramon holds many hats on the property. He not only makes sure that our apartments are cleaned and ready for move in, but he helps out wherever he is asked. Romon is there when needed and never complins when asked to do something. I can count on Ramon to take contractors around and making sure that the work is complete and done. He is always willing to help maintenance so that the job gets done. He displays a great work ethic. Ramon is a hard worker and a great team player.”

A message to Jorge Caballero from Melissa Moore-Micale:

“Jorge is on top of all maintenance issues. He works hand and hand with the rental office to make sure that all turns are done on time for move in. Jorge takes initiative to get work done he does not have to be told what to do e just does it. When we were slow at one point waiting on contractors, he got the team together to clean out storage units that needed to be cleaned out. Jorge was not told to do this he just knew this had to get done and did it. Jorge is a hard worker, and it shows in the type of work he does and the type of person he is.”

A message to Will Guerra from Melissa Moore-Micale:’

“Will is new to the team but he fits right in. Will is a hard worker and he comes into work with a smile and a good attitude. He goes above and beyond with the residents to make sure that they are happy and satisfied with the work he completes. Will works to complete all his work in that day. He hits deadlines and is great with helping others if need be. Will jumps in wherever is needed to get the job done. Will has been a great asset to complete our team.”

A message to Lana Mancini from Christina Riley:

“Lana is very helpful! Whenever I need her assistance not only does she pick up the phone no matter how busy she is but she explains everything leaving me 100% on track! Appreciate her very much!”

A message to Ronald Taylor from Melissa Moore-Micale:

“Ron comes to work and is willing to help out where he is asked. Ron works as hard as he can while he is here to finish all he needs to do with in that day. If you ask Ron to do anything he will do it and there is no complaining. Ron is a great team player.”

A message to Erion Hoax from Christina Riley:

“Erion helps no matter what it is he jumps in and figures out a way to get it done.”

A message to Dave Stemburger from Christina Riley:

“Dave is very helpful he goes above to help aside from Upgrades with advice. Makes our apartments stunning!”

A message to Luke Gregoria from Christina Riley:

“Luke also will help me when I need assistance always there for advice!”

A message to Stephen Johnson from Christina Riley:

“Steve has had to maintain the property for the 2nd time with a man down for months and has handled it very well. Residents are appreciative of him and he deserves a shout out!”

A message to The Entire Sales Team from Kimberly Kover:

“They are ALWAYS ready to jump in and help. They are amazing and work very hard!”

A message to The Entire Governor Mifflin & Oak Forest Teams from Laura Wade:

“My teams at Gov and Oak work so great and are always willing to help at the other property or when someone is out and needs there on call taken care of. The teams we have built with Gov and Oak is just so great to see how they all work together. Loving the TEAM MORAL!!!”

A message to Don Wadsworth from Margarita Brown:

“I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the leadership skills, initiative, kindness, integrity, and support that Don, our maintenance tech, brings to our team. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that our workplace is safe, functional, and always looking its best. Don’s hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and I cannot thank him enough for all that he does for us. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to Don for his tireless efforts.”

A message to Christina Riley from Jean Dascoli:

“She’s upbeat, friendly all the time. She makes coming to work fun. She is kind and patient and has a great work ethic..”

A message to Samantha Friant from Ashley Crossan:

“Sam has always been the person to jump in and help out when needed. She has helped cover 901 on many occasions so that I can be here on Saturday’s during lease up.”

A message to Dinora Collins from Ashley Crossan:

“Dinora has helped cover at 901 on days that I needed to take off to work Saturday’s during lease up. I appreciate the extra effort that she puts in to help.”

A message to Dan Mullin from Brooke Jackson:

“We have been thrilled to work alongside of Dan. He has made Paoli Place a better place to live with his eagerness to lend a helping hand. He has coached our maintenance team and given them the tools they need to succeed and better their craft. He is always upbeat, and positive which makes working with him very easy. We understand why he was promoted! We’re very thankful to have him as a part of our extended PPA Team.”

A message to Megan Treisner from Sierra Nyarko:

“Megan has an eclectic way of bringing new ideas that helps others excel in their roles. She has a heart to help others and has been a huge help in my personal development in Sales. She also has a good sense of humor and keeps you gut laughing just when you need it. Thanks Megan!”

A message to Tom Laperriere from Jacki Krajewski:

“Tom has been a big help with stepping up to take on additional work at Glen Eagle Village while the PM was out. He worked on a Sunday when a truck hitting a building, stepped up to help with invoices as well as handling all court filings/cases and every prospect or resident that visited the office. Now he is helping our new manager get acclimated with the team and property.”

A message to Nick Leth from Jillian Wright:

“Since September we have been short on staff and Nick has never once complained. He has stepped up in the absence of others and has keep the property at 1-2 work orders and has gotten PMs completed on-time if not early. He has truly been a huge asset to Willow Ridge since he started here in August of 2022.”

A message to Glen Ice from Jacki Krajewski:

“Glen has consistently demonstrated excellence in making sure the property runs smoothly! He keeps the team on track with minimal work orders to complete, keeps the shops looking immaculate and communicates well with the office regarding any concerns that need addressed. Keep up the good work!”

A message to Alec Callahan from Margarita Brown:

“I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for Alec Callahan’s presence on our team. In the short time he has been with us, Alec has proven to be an invaluable asset to our Red Bank family. His excellent communication skills, initiative, and problem-solving abilities are just a few of the qualities that make him stand out. Not only does he perform his own duties with excellence, but he also goes above and beyond to help his fellow co-workers. Alec’s positive rapport with residents and staff members is a testament to his dedication and professionalism. I feel fortunate to have him on our team, and I hope that we can continue to recognize and celebrate his contributions to our community.”

A message to Justin Toby from Sierra Nyarko:

“Justin is hands down, the best attitude you can encounter in a day. He is always willing to help and goes above and beyond to do so. He never makes excuses and really gets down in the trenches with you to flip a negative into a positive. He does it with a level head and all while being positive. Also, he has the best tour notes I’ve ever seen and he puts mine to shame. Thanks for being awesome Justin!”

A message to Kianna Richards from Jacki Krajewski:

“Kianna rocks because she came into the property when it had a lot of previous turmoil and has worked hard to consistently turn that around. She has been in the office without an assistant manager since middle of October but continues to keep the property highly occupied and delinquency/drama to a minimum. She is always in a great mood and willing to take on anything that is required of her. I am positive she will continue to improve Spring House Apartments as her tenure grows.”

A message to Kelly Savage from Christina Smith:

“Kelly rocks because she is guiding the new sales department to have great success! We all learn daily from her and she is always quick to help! She is a rockstar!”

A message to Belden Trader from Margarita Brown:

“I am writing to express my gratitude for Belden Trader, our maintenance technician. His attention to detail, excellent critical thinking skills, and team player attitude have been invaluable to our team. He communicates effectively with both residents and staff, creating a positive atmosphere and instilling pride in his work. We are fortunate to have him on our team and I hope his hard work and dedication are recognized.”

A message to Janice Burks from Jacki Krajewski:

“Janice consistently maintains 98% or higher occupancy while mitigating and reducing any drama or delinquency. She is a joy to work with and has a great sense of humor. She is laid back and approachable but firm with her staff getting work done as expected and always good for some laughs!”

A message to Regina Feret from Colleen McDermott:

“Regina is a unique woman. She goes out of her way to make everyone who is in her presence feel like they are important. She is very attentive, and I have to say not many people can pull that off. I have seen her on many occasions put her needs aside and hop in to fix or just help anyone who needs it. That is a person I would like to be around in my life forever. Very selfless. Thanks for asking!”

A message to Elizabeth Pereyra from Sierra Nyarko:

“Liz is a powerhouse employee if I do say so myself. She communicates with me expeditiously and her kindness goes a long way. She really is a team player! Thanks Liz!”

A message to Larieda Cooks from Jacki Krajewski:

“Larieda was eager and excited to take on a third property with the recent purchase of Winston Hall Apartments. She has consistently been onsite and working with the residents to introduce them to the Westover way and get them accustomed to our expectations. She also works hard to contact residents for renewals and catch them when they are home to make sure to work with them on their schedule. She has a team that communicates well and has worked hard to get occupancy up and delinquency down as much as possible. Keep it up!”

A message to Denise Dotzman from Tiffany Biddy:

“From the moment Denise came to our property she wanted to make it better. She was set on improving our trash issue, upgrading our laundry rooms, updating the concrete around the pool and our hallways. She just cares about this property and her employes and it shows. She goes all out to create wonderful resident events that our residents just love! You can go to her with any issue and she listens and helps find a solution. Denise is just an amazing person and awesome manager all around!”

A message to Tenisha Stratton from Jacki Krajewski:

“Tenisha has been a great addition to the team! She is honest, easy to communicate with and connects well with prospects/residents but still holds them accountable to their contracts. She has rented up the available apartments and is eager to keep the communities fully rented. Looking forward to seeing how well the communities stay occupied in 2024.”

A message to Margarita Brown from Cherese Weekes:

“Margarita Brown is not only a great manager, but a consistent force who strongly impacts anyone that comes in contact with her. She is a strong leader who diligently works to make Red Bank Run a thriving community. Her fellow coworkers can attest to her bright spirit, positive outlook and drive. When in doubt, she always ensures that no question goes unanswered. She is a confidant, encourages others to strive for their best and provides support whenever needed. In just a little over a year with Westover Companies, Margarita has become a great friend and mentor. Her hard work pays off and is a testament to the great relationships she establishes employees and residents alike.”

A message to Kelly Savage from Sierra Nyarko:

“Kelly, I don’t say thank you nearly as much as I feel gratitude. I don’t know how you do it, but the skill you have to connect, coach, challenge and know how to pour just enough into everyone differently is very interesting to watch. You have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has been intriguing to see and I hope to learn much more from you in the future. You go above and beyond the call of duty in your leadership. Thank you Kelly!”

A message to Laura Wade from Alyssa Twarogowski:

“Laura absolutely rocks because she guides me through anything and everything, I can always count on her for guiding me down the right path. I have so much appreciation for her leadership and support. Laura has made the most significant impact on my professional growth day in and day out. I feel blessed to be able to work alongside someone who holds so much knowledge and is always more than willing to share that knowledge!”

A message to Jen Patti from Samantha Friant:

“Jen was an amazing assistant here with me at Oaktree and I am so excited for her new journey at Glen Eagle with her new position as property manager. You will be missed here!”

A message to Sam Peck from Samantha Friant:

“Sam has gone above and beyond for Oaktree and always lends a helping hand when needed. WE appreciate you Sam!!!”

A message to Bonnie Watson from Laura Peed:

“Bonnie does an excellent job doing in person tours! She makes a personal connection with the prospects, provides thorough information and speaks positively about our team and community, making them feel welcome! Almost every in-person tour submits an application. :)”

A message to Korinna Baker from Alyssa Twarogowski:

“I am so grateful to have Korinna as our Property Coordinator because she is always a pleasure to talk to. After a long week, more than once have I made a mistake on a FMO or sent an unsigned paper lease to the main office, and she will always be there to laugh at it with me. I don’t feel taken back, belittled, or dumb for making a mistake. I feel as if that it is very important to be able to laugh at those sorts of thing when learning and advancing in this industry or when you’re having a long week that we ALLLL understand! Thank you, Korinna!”

A message to Kelly Savage from Alyssa Twarogowski:

“Since I started with Westover as a floater, I have always had the pleasure of working with Kelly. She took a chance at hiring me on with zero experience with apartment living or sales. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to meet my work family, a second family I would never want to lose.”

A message to The Maintenance Teams at Oak Forest & Governor Mifflin from Alyssa Twarogowski:

“Timmy, Z, Nelson, Shawn, Rob, and Aaron, thank you guys for making my life so much easier and for being the faces of our properties outside of the office. I can always rely on each and every one of you to have my back, protect when needed and if needed, and fix almost everything.”

A message to Veronica Twarogowski from Alyssa Twarogowski:

“Veronica rocks because she keeps our buildings presentable, good smelling and clean. Without her, the dishes in the clubhouse sink would be skyscraper high, there would still be pine needles stuck in the carpet from dead Christmas trees and melting salt turning the hallway carpets white. You rock and thank you for always being on top of unfortunate messes!”

A message to Cherese Weekes from Margarita Brown:

“I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the exceptional work of my assistant manager, Cherese Weekes. In just one year, Cherese has demonstrated an impressive understanding of the property management business, forming invaluable relationships with staff and residents alike. Her integrity, professionalism, and willingness to help others have not gone unnoticed, and her innovative ideas have made a significant impact at our property. Cherese’s great rapport with colleagues and attention to detail make her an asset to our Red Bank family, and I have every confidence that she will continue to excel in this industry.”

A message to Alexa Valverio from Manuela Costa:

“Alexa is so intelligent, detail oriented and so efficient. I love working with her, I trust her with my applications completely. She is simply a hard worker and so pleasant to work with.”

A message to Scott Dahms from Tara Dostalik:

“Scott is always going above and beyond to help keep our community running! He does the vast majority of the work orders @ the Lafayette and that is no small feat with a community of 604 apartments. He always puts in the time and effort to do an excellent job.”

A message to Shaneeka Storey from Sade Sydnor:

“Shaneeka joined our staff late last summer and honestly, I was a little nervous only because you never know how someone is going to fit in. That position was left vacant for a few months and I didn’t think we’d ever fill it. However, Shaneeka came on board ready to learn with a great attitude. The best quality is her amazing personality! The residents absolutely love her. Needless to say, my nerves easily subsided. She has been a great addition to our office. I love our team (Great pick Ellen!).”

A message to John Fortys from Hallie Reitz:

“The residents at Upper Deerfield Estates love John. We get a lot of surveys and calls from the residents complimenting John. Upper Deerfield Estates is a 55 and over community and it takes a patient person to build rapport with this crowd. The residents are sometimes lonely and take up some extra time talking to any staff member that will listen. They also ask for extra items to be fixed, repaired or replaced once John arrives at their home. When time allows John will take care of whatever extra work orders they have and after let the office know to put in another work order for him. His customer service is excellent!”

A message to Luis Colon from Hallie Reitz:

“Luis is the newest addition to the maintenance team. He has worked for government housing and the skills and knowledge he has make him a huge asset to our team! I went with Luis to a long-term resident’s apartment to show him the huge settling cracks in her stairwell. I asked him if he could take on the project of fixing this and making the resident happy. He looked around and said the project is bigger than the stairwell because we have to make the ceiling paint match throughout the apartment. I asked if it is a project he could take on when he has some down time from his work orders. Luis agreed that he would do the project. He has completed the project, and the long-term resident is beyond happy with the work he did!”

A message to Zaiquan Allen from Hallie Reitz:

“Z has been with Westover for several years and has built a good rapport with many of our residents. Some of the residents request him when they put in a work order. He keeps track of our maintenance supply inventory and works with Jean to make sure we always have the supplies we need. He also has a good sense of humor and is always friendly with the office staff. When he comes to the office smiling and joking around for a few minutes it is a nice break from the responsibilities of the day!”

A message to Vladimir Aksic from Brooke Jackson:

“Vladimir rocks because he is dependable, meticulous, and cares about completing a task with excellence. His hard work does not go unnoticed.”

A message to Reginald Jones from Brooke Jones:

“Reggie comes to work every day with a smile on his face. He represents Westover’s core value of communication. He is attentive to our resident’s needs and works hard to support the team.”

A message to Bobbi Jo Miller from Amanda Fowler:

“Bobbi Jo is willing to train me and her patience while I learn the job is beyond anything I am use to. She makes coming to work every day worthwhile. I enjoy working with her and appreciate what she does. She doesn’t hesitate to allow me to try something so that I can learn it better. She is trusting in me and compliments the work I do. To you it may seem small, but to me that’s a huge deal. I absolutely love working here for her and for the company. I’ve never been happier at a job. Thank you Amanda”

A message to Bill Gaston from Brooke Jackson:

“Bill has been dedicated to Paoli Place before it was owned by Westover. This speaks volumes about his hard work and dedication. He has a great rapport with the residents and vendors alike.”

A message to Ashley Sanders from Brooke Jackson:

“Ashley is our newest member of the PPA team. Her presence has made a huge impact on our team. She flushes out the negativity on a daily basis and is eager to work and serve our community. She has been the greatest addition to our team, and we feel very lucky to have her here.”

A message to David Wilkerson from Abby Halstead:

“I want to thank David Wilkerson for all of the hard work, dedication, and support he gives to the property, the community, and his co-workers. Dave is always willing to lend a hand and go the extra mile. When our lift station completely failed, the comment heard most from the residents was, “we see Dave out there, he’s on top of it.” His calm demeanor in an emergency situation does help keep everyone else from getting overly anxious. He is certainly the type of person that you feel better having around.”

A message to Jody Pierson from Brooke Jackson:

“Jody inspires me daily with her quiet confidence and ability to stay cool under pressure. She fosters a work environment where everyone is valued and encouraged to do their best. She uplifts, supports, and guides our team which motivates me to succeed. I have learned so much while working alongside of her. I cannot thank her enough for the impact she has made on my professional growth.”

A message to Paul Kozel from Abby Halstead:

“I want to thank Paul Kozel for all of his hard work and for all of the effort he puts into this community. Paul is frequently requested by residents for work orders because of his friendly nature, his comfort working around pets and small humans (fair housing! lol), and for his ease of explaining the situation, resolution, and prevention methods to the residents, if they are available. He takes pride in the community grounds, natural environment, and amenities. He is always brainstorming ways to make Lake Club better! Kindhearted, quick with a joke, and loved by almost everyone that meets him, Paul is a staple of this community!”

A message to Megan Marts from Abby Halstead:

“Megan Marts has really stepped into the spotlight with the residents, more so than in the past! She is constantly experimenting (in a good way) with new cleaning methods, products, or equipment. She is solely responsible for all property cleaning, common area cleaning, vacant apartment cleaning, and cleaning of amenities. She has taken up responsibility of carpet cleaning (when time allows) and helps out maintenance with light work orders or work orders that require more than 1 person. LCA is a sole coverage office. Prior to the Sale Team (LCA started in October 2023), if more than one prospect came for a tour, Megan was always happy to step in and take one of the parties. In my time here, there has not been a tour that Megan took that did not result in an application. Her friendliness, knowledge of the community, and professional knowledge of her job duties make her an asset to the team in so many ways. Maintenance and Management will both agree, Megan rocks!”

A message to Dinora Collins from Christine Fuentes:

“It never fails every time I ask Dinora if a task was done, she always responds already done. She comes to work with a great attitude every day and makes our workday not feel as if we are really at work. The atmosphere is fun, and we still get our work done. She is great at her position and gives me the support in need. I really appreciate the hard work she does.”

A message to William Szczepanski from Christine Fuentes:

“William has a great attitude every day. If I ask him to do anything he, does it with no questions at all. He has great communication skills and residents really like him so much they request for him to do their work orders. He has made a great addition to our team here at Greenville on 141.”

A message to Mary Rose Pukas from Laura Peed:

“Mary Rose is a ROCKSTAR! She is always helping everyone with patience and a smile. When I accumulated more properties, she helped me right away in getting set up with all of my logins and programs. She is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and we would be lost without her!”

A message to Sierra Nyarko from Abby Halstead:

“To say that Sierra Nyarko is simply amazing would be an understatement! Sierra was already an amazing Property Coordinator and someone that I could always rely on to bounce questions or ideas off of. When I heard that she would no longer be my Property Coordinator, I was a little sad (as I am when any of mine have changed). When I heard she would be my Sales Specialist, I was over the moon! Sierra stepped into a role that was new and still being formed. Basically, she is a pioneer for centralized leasing! I cannot imagine how stressful it must be to learn a role while it is still being created/constantly evolving. And she cares so much about the role she plays in the leasing process! We all know that there are some apartments that are just a little harder to rent than others. Sierra does not let that stand in her way and she holds herself very accountable when an apartment has been sitting, even though it’s out of her control. Every prospect I take on a tour that has spoken to her first, always has wonderful things to say about her and some new residents have mentioned that it’s sad they won’t get to interact with her again. She radiates warmth and positivity with every interaction, even through Teams chat! Thank you Sierra for everything you do, for everything you have yet to accomplish, and for being you!”

A message to Laura Peed from Colleen Madrak:

“I am new here at Westover, as an Assistant Property Manager at Norwood House Apartments. Laura is tasked with Property Manager at 4 Westover Properties! WOW! She is extremely knowledgeable, a great boss and a great teacher. She is on top of everything and its very commendable. I think she is doing a great job 🙂 and I appreciate her continued support and training.”

A message to Earl Jones from Justin Toby:

“Earl was our shining star last week when we were in a bind with turnovers. Our cleaner became ill and was unable to finish an apartment for a move in. Earl stepped up and finished the clean so that it would be ready for the move in the following Monday. Earl is an exemplary team player and consistently going above and beyond to ensure that his teammates reach their goals.”

A message to Jacki Krajewski from Abby Halstead:

“I know, I know! It’s going to look like brown nosing. But I want to thank Jacki Krajewski for being a supportive regional manager in the way of gently nudging me further outside of my “comfort-zone” while allowing me to still be me. She makes sure I stay on top of my duties, she makes sure I stay within policy and the laws, and she pushes me to be a better manager without making me feel like I am deficient in any way. From weird technology issues, plumbing issues, a major sewer system failure… the City of Dover in general… Jacki has been so supportive and a great role model! She makes sure that I understand why a process is the way it is instead of just how. Jacki has never made me feel like I couldn’t approach her about anything, even if it’s in disagreement. She is willing to listen, to consider, to compromise (when it won’t risk breaking policy or laws), and to coach. Thank you, Jacki, for the past year filled with some great learning experiences and positive professional development! I am glad you have joined Westover and look forward to many, many years of working together!”

A message to Brooke Jackson from Charlene Coll:

“With out a shadow of doubt Brooke is an asset to our team. Her friendly personality leads to phenomenal customer service. Brooke wants to help wherever and whenever she can with are residents and with are team. It is a pleasure to come to work every day and get to work with Brooke. We grateful to have her as a part of our team.”

A message to JD from Elmer Blanco:

“I appreciate JD for helping me so much when I first started with Westover. He worked hard even though he was ill. He was positive, had a great attitude and always made me laugh.”

A message to Megan Treisner from Regina Feret:

“Megan is a rockstar with our leads! She is great at creating a visual with prospects and detailing all of the amenities that make our communities a place they will feel at home. Aside from relieving us from some of the work, it has given us a new colleague who is super fun to engage with.”

A message to Kim Kover from Megan Treisner:

“Kim is always there to lend a helping hand I’m so glad that she’s a part of my team day today. She’s always able to make me smile or laugh during times of stress and is a big reason that I love this job so much.”

A message to Megan McShane from Megan Treisner:

“Megan is an awesome coworker who is always there to listen and help wherever needed. She’s always coming up with really great ideas. She’s always super supportive when you have a good idea as well. I’m always glad that she’s on my team she makes coming to work fun.”

A message to Fran Basta from Megan Treisner:

“Every single department and team should have a Fran! He is one of the most positive kind wonderful human beings I have ever met in any job I’ve ever had. Fran could be the most behind, have not even one second to spare, and will drop everything to help you if you need it. He is always there to teams a positive note in the morning or at the end of the day. He is just truly one of the most genuinely kind and wonderful people I’ve ever met. He literally the sales specialist’s team mascot!!”

A message to Kelly Savage from Megan Treisner:

“I feel so lucky and grateful to have Kelly as my supervisor, my mentor, and my friend. She is an exceptional leader. As someone who has had many jobs and worked in management in most of them Kelly has a really great way of talking the talk and walking the walk. When she says a change will be made it is made, when she says she will hear you out with your ideas she hears you out. Kelly is really good at her job and I think our whole team feels very lucky to have her as the leader of it!”

A message to Nicole Mulhern from Danielle Tindall:

“Nicole has a smile on her face and is always happy to help whenever she can. She has a great attitude and is a great addition to the office!”

A message to Dennis Buhsmer from Wanda Barclay:

“Rosetree Media Properties and Evergreen Club in Broomall always have a lot going on and Dennis holds it all together juggling a million things all at once keeping everything running smooth. He is always busy but there when you need help. His Co-workers and residents love him. Many prior residents have returned to the Media properties because they love Dennis.”

A message to Sue Yukenavitch, Mary Rose Pukas, and Cait Berry from Sara Kinner

In the 6+ years I have been at Westover, I cannot begin to thank these ladies for all of the support they have shown me over the years. Thank you to listening to all of my crazy out-of-the-box ideas, answering all of my operational questions, believing in the Marketing department and welcoming me with open arms into the Westover family. 

A message to Ryan Enoch from Sara Kinner

A special shout out to Ryan Enoch for celebrating 1 year at Westover in the Marketing department with me. From helping to manage Birdeye and Westover’s online reputation to making updates to our websites, Ryan’s hard work is very appreciated. Ryan – Thank you for your hard work  (and for uploading over 115 shout outs to this blog post)!

A message to The Training Team from Cait Berry

Chris and Precious are fantastic trainers and we are lucky to have them! Their patience, knowledge and positive attitudes make their mark on all the new hires they welcome to Westover! From bringing new team members into the fold to their follow ups and future development, they make an important impact on the properties that is greatly appreciated. Both have an eagerness to help their fellow Westover team members and are genuinely caring about the people they work with – thank you for all you do!

A message to The Westover Companies from Ryan Enoch

“I’ve been here for almost a year now, and it has been an amazing year. Everyone cares so much and will try endlessly to help. I cannot give enough thanks to every Maintenance Tech, Cleaner, Assistant Manager, Manager, and everyone at the Main Office for welcoming me with open arms. Thank you!”

Thank you to all of our Westover Companies Team Members! Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

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