6 Tips for Homeschooling in Your Westover Apartment Home!

Kids are out of school and it may be challenging to find educational activities for them to do!

Check out these 6 tips that will help when homeschooling in your Westover apartment home!

1.) Create Your Ideal Homeschooling Space

It is important to use a space where you can easily utilize your resources. Are you able to use a computer in that area or use a whiteboard or chalkboard? Using the same space each day will help implement the same “classroom” feel that your child is used to having in order to keep a routine! 

2.) Creating and Maintaining a Set Schedule

Don’t know where to start? Try listing out what subject you are going to work on for each hour of the school day, so you do not get off track. 


3.) Use Your Free Online Resources

We are taking advantage of our online resources more now than ever before. These FREE online sources are great to use for your children to help keep up their brain activity and critical thinking methods! Some of the activities even include games that will help your child learn and have fun at the same time!

4.) Schedule Silent Reading Time (For You!)

 Schedule “Silent Reading Time” so that you can get done chores around your home. Then have your children tell you what they read about or draw a picture to describe what they read. This will help with reading and comprehension skills. 

 5.) Keep Up Writing Skills!

Keep up writing skills by giving your child a journal that they can write a story in or a skit that they can act out. This will help your child use their imagination and creativity while inside your home.


6.) Practice Math with Everyday Errands!

Help improve math skills by having your child work with a set budget for grocery shopping. Give them a list of things you need on your next grocery trip and tell them they cannot go over X amount. This will help them add up the total cost of items and can start comparing prices by using online resources! 

After you use these 6 tips and schedule them out in your calendar, the at-home school day will be over before you know it! Enjoy!

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