Westover Wins Best Participation at PAA Helping Hands’ Amazing Race

Westover Wins Best Participation at PAA's Helping Hands' Amazing Race!

For the 8th year, The Westover Companies’ employees participated in the PAA Helping Hands’ Amazing Race. All proceeds benefit the PAA Fund for ProjectHOME and Hope+Door. For such amazing causes, it is always great to see such a positive turnout! This year, The Westover Companies won the Participation Awards, with over 26 teams from Westover!

The Amazing Race is an annual event, in West Chester, PA, that combines team building challenges and great networking opportunities. Participants from across the industry play quick games on the streets of West Chester. The Westover Companies had over 148 employees signed up to play.

Team ‘Running on Empty’, from Westover’s Central PA properties, participating in the Amazing Race!

Team ‘No Sham in Our Game’, from New Jersey and Delaware properties, participating in a fun game in West Chester!

Team ‘Home Run’ sure had a ball at this year’s PAA Amazing Race!

Team ‘New Vibes’ independently blew away the competition this year!

Team ‘Laura’s Loony Loompas’ had a blast in West Chester this year, competing on their own home turf! Great Team Effort! 

Team ‘Just Living the SUITE Life’, from Valley Forge Suites, participating at The Amazing Race. 

Team ‘In Bob We Trost’ competing at the Helping Hands’ Amazing Race for an amazing cause!

Team ‘R Boss Mager’ hula hooped their way to a good cause at the Amazing Race!

Our Team from Wyomissing, PA, scored a goal or two this year!

Team ‘Keeping it 5 Stars’, from our Delaware Properties, participated in the Amazing Race!

Team ‘Westover Warriors’, from Eastern PA properties, had a ball at the Amazing Race in West Chester!

Thank you to every employee who participated this year! It was another huge success, and it’s all thanks to you! 

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