Employee Appreciation Day 2022 Positive Messages!

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Westover celebrates Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, March 4th!

Positive Messages to Make You Smile!

In honor of Employee Appreciation Day, Westover employees had the opportunity to write a short positive message to someone to show their appreciation! Sometimes it is the little things that count the most! Check out the video below to see a few of the Westover team members reading what someone wrote about them!


Many More Positive Messages Below!

Wow! Westover clearly loves spreading positivity throughout our family-oriented company. Check out all of the messages below! Thank you to everyone who took the time to make someone smile!


A message to Mary Rose Pukas from Regina Feret:

“I appreciate the way Mary Rose is always available and greets everyone with such a positive vibe and a big smile.”

A message to Melissa and Debbie from David Archambault:

“Manager and Co manager Melissa, and Debbie are always willing to go the extra mile for Westover, even above their managing duties. Lending a hand with deliveries, maintenance or even picking up trash. working together they are a wonderful asset to the Westover team.”

A message to Jody Pierson from Regina Feret:

“I appreciate the way our Regional Jody offers to lend a hand at our property on a busy day.”

A message to the Mayflower Crossing team from Renee Sager:

“I am truly lucky and blessed to work with such an amazing, humorous and hardworking team.”

A message to Ken Sherwood from Jean Dascoli:

“Hey Ken, thanks for always being there to answer all my dumb questions and being the one to reach out to when something is falling apart, blowing up or just going South, as is always the case in this business in any given week. Nice to know you’re there!”

A message to Amanda Colburn from Lorie Fiore:

“Amanda, I want to say Thank you for all you do to contribute to our Team. Your dedication to Westover and to all your properties is greatly appreciated. Grateful for you and your positivity! Glad to be by your side everyday :)”

A message to Heather Horner from Lorie Fiore:

“Heather, I am so grateful for your hard work and contribution to our Team. There is not a day that goes by that I do not see your dedication! Thankful to work by your side daily :)”

A message to Sierra Nyarko from Lorie Fiore:

“Sierra, I want you to know how much I appreciate all you do on a daily basis and how much you bring to our Team. Your positive shine and smile along with your dedication to your properties means so much to me. Thank You for everything you do…grateful :):

A message to Everyone from Jody Pierson:

“I am proud to work for a company that has so many great employees. Please know that YOU are valued and appreciated today and every day!”

A message to Claudia Goncz from Kim Rossi:

“Thank you for all your support and always answering all my questions!”

A message to Jody Pierson from Kim Rossi:

“I appreciate how you always approach every question/situation as a teachable moment and explain the how and why about everything.”

A message to Christine Fuentes from Kim Rossi:

“You are a very conscientious and hard working employee. Your commitment to ‘doing the right thing’ is a testament to the kind of person you are.”

A message to Ramon Romero from Melissa Micale:

“Ramon thank you for all that you do for Winslow House and the team. I can count on you to be there and get the job done. Keep up the hard work it is going to pay off. There are not nice words I can say about you. You are the best and my rock star!”

A message to Debbie Steele from Melissa Micale:

“Debbie I could not ask for a better right hand to be by my side. I am so grateful that we are working together and that we are making a difference. Keep up the good hard work. You deserve nothing but the best. You are the best :)”

A message to Bethann at Cedar Tree Apartments from Kim Rossi:

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to making the apartments look their shiny best before move-in!! Your work is impeccable. Thank you for being an amazing coworker.”

A message to Dave Archambault from Melissa Micale:

“Dave thank you for all that you do to keep everyone’s HVAC working. Your dedication and hard work to Westover has not gone unnoticed. Keep up the good work.”

A message to Anthony Ingelido from Melissa Micale:

“Tony thank you for all that you do to try and keep things together in the communities. Thank you for being there as much as you can and all the support you give to the maintenance staff.”

A message to Fred Robinson from Sandra Snow:

“He goes above and beyond to help his coworkers.”

A message to Will Echols from Samantha Friant and Christine Fuentes:

“Will, we are so appreciative for the hard work you have been putting out with the obstacles thrown our way. We appreciate you !!”

A message to Danielle Renshaw from Sandra Snow:

“Danielle has step up to the plate and the role of property manager and always will to help where need.”

A message to All Westover Companies Employees from Josue Pulinario:

“In my 5 years at Westover I have gotten to meet many of our staff. I am grateful for being able to work for a Company such as Westover. As a group we are all an intricate part of everyday operations and with that said I appreciate all of our staff memebers. For being helpful whenever I have had to reach out with work questions and/or other wise. I feel proud to be part of this group.”

A message to Chris Campbell from Marie Storti:

“Thank you Chris for always going above and beyond to make Black Hawk and Caln East a great place to live!!”

A message to Frederick Robinson from Sherrie Johnson:

“Such an awesome TEAM player. No matter if the work is apart of his job description; he’ll get it done regardless.”

A message to Black Hawk and Caln East employees from Marie Storti:

“Thank you for all you to do make the properties shine and our tenants happy!!”

A message to Jen Patti from Annette Hayes:

“Jen, I appreciate the effort you put into your work. You’re organized and efficient in all you do. Thanks for helping me keep my head on straight!!”

A message to Oaktree Maintenance Team from Annette Hayes:

“Cimmiah, Brian, Joe, and Mark, You guys ROCK! Your dedication and work ethic is OUTSTANDING! Thank you all for handling each days work load with can-do attitudes, its incredibly encouraging!”

A message to Jayson Bristol from Kim Rossi:

“Thank you so much for all your hard work while Cedar Tree didn’t have a permanent maintenance technician! I received so much positive feedback while you were here. Everyone appreciates what a great job you did. You are a wonderful employee and I’m going to miss having you as part of our team now that you’ll be going back to floating. Thank you again for everything.”

A message to Jamestown Village Maintenance Team from Deanna Goodfellow:

“Tyler and Joe are always ready to assist, and help wherever needed! And do so with a smile!! :)”

A message to Robert McSorley from Precious Ambati:

“You are always professional, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to assist our residents and the leasing office. Thank you for your positive attitude and outstanding work ethic!”

A message to John Dubell from Luke Gregoria:

“John goes above and beyond for his team and his property. He even goes as far as helping out on weekends when he’s not on call. John always puts the team first!”

A message to Mary Rose Pukas from Cait Berry:

“Mary Rose is the so patient and helpful! She is always there to help out our different departments or on-site teams – and with a smile! Her knowledge and patience is unmatched!”

A message to Erion Hoxha from Luke Gregoria:

“Erion is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. He is always willing to do whatever is asked of him. His work always gets completed in timely manner.”

A message to Claudia Goncz from Christine Fuentes:

“We want to thank Claudia Goncz for always being so helpful when we need her help or advice. She is always so willing to help at anytime.”

A message to Regina Feret from Tiffany Biddy:

“Thank you for all you have done for The Suites. You are exceptional at what you do and I hope you know how very much you are appreciated! Thank you for making us feel like a family instead of just a workplace.”

A message to Mary Rose Pukas from Lana Mancini:

“MR, I want to thank you for always – and I mean always – being there when needed and your kind and positive attitude responding to our every question no matter how stupid some of those questions are. You are simply the best!”

A message to the Whiteland West Team from Tara Dostalik:

“We are not just a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other! I am so appreciative of our individual strengths and weaknesses that have made us the team we are today! Everyone’s hard work and commitment to our community make it a great place for everyone that works and lives here. Thank you for all you do!”

A message to Accounts Payable Department from Danielle Tindall:

“The AP team is great at paying attention to detail and getting all the back up they need in order to process invoices correctly and efficiently. It’s comforting knowing that they are our final “line of defense” before money goes out the door!”

A message to Ken Wolfrom from Chris Benitez:

“Dear Ken, You are very knowledgeable in this industry and a great guide to learning more about the maintenance side in Apartment Living. You always go above and beyond and am thankful every day for your wisdom, guidance and fun jokes. Thank you for all you do each and every day! Chris Benitez”

A message to Westover’s Crews from David Archambault:

“Wanted to say thanks for all the hard work. A lot goes on behind the scenes. Sometimes out of the spot light.”

A message to Angeline Martinez from David Haas:

“Angeline, I have really enjoyed working with you over the last few months. You are a fantastic property manager and I’m proud that I have been able to assist you as you give PCA / CVA some much needed TLC. You are great!”

A message to Mary Rose Pukas from Caitlyn Bolinger:

“Your positive embrace everyday really makes a difference when coming into the office! No matter what you are juggling, you never hesitate to pause and help others. Not to mention your fashion sense puts the rest of us to shame!! – Caitlyn Bolinger”

A message to Jay Jacquot from Caitlyn Bolinger:

“Jay, you are the most reliable, knowledgeable, and hard working! You have dedicated your life to Westover and it does not go unnoticed. At the drop of a hat you are there to lend a hand. I hope you know how much you are appreciated everyday! You are the BEST!! – Caitlyn Bolinger”

A message to James Golston from Chris Benitez:

“Dear Jimmy, Your positivity here at the office and throughout the community is always enlightening and encouraging. From your knowledge to being detail orientated and even fun jokes throughout the day, I am thankful for you being apart of our team. Thanks for all you do! Chris Benitez”

A message to Nick Wylie from Chris Benitez:

“Dear Nick, You have such drive to learn and educate yourself each day and week, which is so beneficial in this industry. From your knowledge to educating me about maintenance protocols and procedures to fun and entertaining jokes and conversation; I am thankful that you are apart of the team! Thanks for all you do! Chris Benitez”

A message to Lana Mancini from Chris Benitez:

“Dear Lana, Thank you for all of your wisdom, guidance and help throughout this past year. From your kindness and education you have taught me, you truly show how much you care about about your entire team. You are a true leader in wanting everyone to learn and grow and am thankful to work with you. Thanks for all you do! Chris Benitez”

A message to David Woodward from Donna Smith:

“Dave will jump in where needed. He will help with the PMs, deliver notices check in the shop orders and put them away.”

A message to Colleen McDermott from Denise Dotzman:

“You always greet everyone with a smile, and create such a warm atmosphere for everyone around you.”

A message to Maintenance/Cleaning Team at Norwood House Apartments from Jessica St. George:

“I really appreciate our team! Everyone has come together, supporting one another, working hard and getting along! It is great to be able to call on each person for assistance and get the help/results right away. Thank you for being great!”

A message to Colleen Alicea from Melissa Javiel:

“Thank you for all the your support and guidance you have provided to team Beachwalk and most important thank you for all your patience you have had with us during this transition. We greatly appreciate you.”

A message to Ashley Crossan from Danielle Renshaw:

“She is a great resource for me in my learning and is my go to! Always so very helpful!”

A message to David Holt, Leon Parker and Dominik Zdzioch from Greg Williams:

“Thank you for every thing you do for our residents and me each and every day. The community runs smoothly thanks to your hard work and dedication. You also provide me with extra sets of eyes and ears. Words cannot thank you enough!”

A message to Fairway Park Team from Ashley Crossan:

“Amara, Jenny, Bob and Bill, keep up the great work! I truly appreciate all of you!”

A message to Amanda Colburn from Natasha Michael:

“You are always so wonderful and efficient. You are always so patient and helpful. I love how super responsive you are to all our needs! Every interaction with you is a positive one. You are a Rockstar coordinator!”

A message to Steven Baer from Karyn Hunsberger:

“Thank you so much for all that you do! Your hard work and dedication to our properties shows and is very much appreciated!”


A message to Sara Kinner from Jamie Vecchio:

“Sara, thank you so much for allowing me to grow as an employee. You are always open to new and creative ideas and inspire me to go forward with trying out different things in order to find what marketing strategies are successful. I learn something new from you almost every day! We are a great team and I can not wait to see what is in store for our team in the future! P.S Your Lily Pulitzer attire and awesome headbands always brightens up the room, never a dull day!”

A message to Caitlyn Bolinger from Jamie Vecchio:

“Caitlyn, I admire what you do every day and you are so good at handling certain situations! You are also so fun to talk to and be around! Thank you for all of your help when we need things like e-gift cards for our contest winners, etc.!”

A message to Sue Yukenavitch from Jamie Vecchio:

“Sue, I appreciate how you always go above and beyond for Westover employees! Thank you so much for supporting and inspiring Sara and I when it comes to different marketing initiatives! You know how to handle any situation and know how to guide us for best practices within property management!”

A message to Mary Rose Pukas from Jamie Vecchio:

“Mary Rose, I can not thank you enough for everything you do! When price changes wants to challenge me, you are the super hero woman behind Entrata that knows how to solve everything! Your smile and energy gives off such positive vibes in the office!”

A message to Cait Berry from Jamie Vecchio:

“Cait, you were one of the first people who stood out to me when I started at Westover a few years ago! I always admire your outgoing personality and initiative to help/train people to do the best they can. You are so confident and always fun to be around!”

A message to Kelly Daniels from Jamie Vecchio:

“Kelly, I couldn’t ask for a better NAA roommate back in 2019! You are such a nice and sweet person and always so calming to be around! You are such a hard worker and it is great to have a great coworker and friend like you! Thank you for always helping Sara and I with the Christmas Party and events too!”

Thank you to all of our Westover Companies Team Members! Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

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