Meet Jeannie Claar, Cleaner at Whiteland West Apartment Community

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Jeannie Claar works for Westover Companies as a Cleaner at the Whiteland West Apartment  community. Jeannie was so happy to come across the Westover Companies for her career almost 8 years ago because of the benefits, friendly staff, events, work hours, and more! We sat down with Jeannie to learn more about what she does in her position each day. Check it out!

Q: What is your job title and what are your responsibilities within your role?

I am a Cleaner at Whiteland West Apartments. I have been working here for about 7 1/2 years. Some of my responsibilities include making sure apartments are move-in ready for our incoming residents. I also take care of our leasing office, fitness center, and the grounds throughout our community. I also make sure our flag pole out front of our leasing center is clean and maintained, along with the fountains on our property.

Q: What is a typical day like for you in your position? 

Every day is usually very busy, but then it is time to leave before you know it! I usually start with making sure our leasing office is clean and ready to go so that our residents and guests coming in can feel warm and welcomed. I also check in with the Whiteland West Property Manager, Tara, to see what our priorities are for the day, whether it is cleaning an apartment inside and out, getting the garbage ready for pick up, or getting the pool furniture ready for the day.

Q: What is your favorite part about working at Whiteland West Apartments?

The community itself is absolutely beautiful which makes coming to work every day much better. The people at my property along with all of the Westover employees are very friendly and make you feel part of a team. It is a family-oriented company and the owners are very approachable. Suggestions are always encouraged and taken into consideration. The benefits are also a huge plus because of the free medical, dental, and vision which you can’t beat!

Q: Do you work closely with any other team members at Whiteland West? 

I work closely with the property manager in order to see what the status is of certain projects or what still needs to be done. I do work independently, but the maintenance team and I also work together to get certain tasks done such as work orders or communicating about any repairs that need to be addressed.

Q: Can you talk about anything that you have helped with or have taken on to make sure things would run more smoothly?

I help with any work orders that need to be completed for the day. For example, one of our maintenance members did not have enough time to paint because he needed to finish installing the window blinds. After I was done cleaning, I jumped in and finished painting in the apartment, so we could get the project done as a team. I also keep the leasing office up to date with seasonal and holiday decorations.

Q: What types of skills do you think someone needs in order to be successful in your position?

You need to have good attention to detail. For example, in each apartment that is getting turned over, I really scrub every room inside and out because we want our residents moving in to a clean apartment so they can feel comfortable and make it their own home. With that being said, having high standards really helps within this position. You have to ask yourself, “What would you expect when moving into a new apartment home?” You also need to have knowledge in knowing what cleaning products can be used for different surfaces throughout the property.

Q: Do you have any advice or thoughts for someone looking to get a Cleaner/Janitor position for Westover Companies?

I think it is very important to be a team player and be open-minded to anything that comes your way. If you want an amazing place to work, I really suggest applying for a position with Westover Companies. If you prove yourself that you are a hard worker, you will not go unnoticed. It is a company that thinks of their employees as one of their own. There is also a variety of fun events and outings that all of the staff is invited to, like Westover’s Annual Christmas Party. There is also room to grow and better yourself professionally. Our company also encourages employees to be involved which is why I am now a part of the Safety Committee meetings where I can share ideas and meet other Westover team members.

Jeannie works hard every day in her position and is very appreciated by her team members.

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