Westover Renovations Update

Westover Renovations

Norwood House Apartments, Hollow Run Apartments, Lansdale Village Apartments, and so many more Westover Companies properties are always renovating and making our communities newer & stronger.

             Hollow Run Apartments are renovating their roof from a flat-top to a better pitched roof. Along with new facades, the properties look more modern, drain better, and offer increased energy savings. By making our buildings more energy efficient, we offer a lower cost of utilities for our residents.

Westover is also upgrading the HVAC system in the Hollow Run Apartment buildings, with efficiency in mind, to offer even more savings to our residents.

When the structural changes are completed, Hollow Run will be decorated with new and improved landscaping, improving the curb-appeal of our buildings.

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Lansdale Village Apartments also had some renovations done. New Patios were completed, offering a better place to gather with friends, family, or together as a community.

Additionally, new windows were installed. They give our building a fresh, modern look while also improving the efficiency of the buildings. This fresh look will make everyone want to live at Lansdale Village.

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Norwood House Apartments recently upgraded their balconies, offering a newer and fresher space to enjoy the fresh air. This new look will add to the curb-appeal and improves the functionality of your balcony.

Westover also improved the drainage in and around Norwood House Apartments. Reducing flooding in the parking lots and basements was an important priority for us. Making our residents’ lives easier by removing trees that caused drainage issues was a solution that could help everyone at Norwood House.

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The Westover Companies continue to make improvements to all of our properties. These three locations are not the only projects we have going on now. Look out for new and improved balconies at Independence Crossing Apartments in Phoenixville, PA., improved drainage, facade work, and the stream replenishment project at Valley Stream Apartments in Lansdale, PA., balcony renovations at Paoli Place Arms Apartments in Paoli, PA., and an expansion project at Winslow House Apartments in Sicklerville, NJ. We also plan to make improvements and renovations to Oaktree Apartments in Newark, DE., Waterloo Place Apartments in Baltimore, MD., and Red Bank Run Townhomes in Woodbury, NJ.

We pride ourselves on our ability to Create Comfort & Value, to Communicate, to Satisfy, and to Serve with the best Attitude & Integrity. We go above and beyond because We Care.

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