Meet Sierra, Property Coordinator at Westover Companies

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Sierra’s story to becoming Property Coordinator at Westover Companies sounds like it was out of a book. In 2015, Sierra was passing through a Westover community and had a feeling from the get-go that she was going to live there. It wasn’t long before her husband took a tour of the community and convinced her she would love living at the community, and just like that, they were moving in! During their move in, a snow storm hit the area, and the Westover Property Manager was very helpful, delighted, and above all else, genuine to her and her husband during the move-in process. As a result, Sierra decided to join the Westover team and hasn’t looked back since, moving from the Property Management side to the Accounts Receivable side as a Property Coordinator and loving every minute of it.

In order to learn more about the Property Coordinator role, we sat down with Sierra and got the inside scoop on her time working in Westover’s Accounts Receivable department and what she admires most about working for Westover.

Q: What is your job title and what are your responsibilities within your role?

“My job title is Accounts Receivable/Property Coordinator. I assist with corrections to accounts, input resident renewals, reviewing notices to vacate, review all resident move-ins, and processing deposit choice bonds for prospective residents. I correspond with my teams through email and answer any questions that they may have. I assist my managers in some of their court processes and serve back up for record keeping and draft letters for them when needed. Finally, I try to be the wind beneath the wings of all of my team members! I find it very important to share positive re-enforcement and encouragement because we are all humans with hearts and feelings.”

Q: Can you describe what your typical day looks like?

“In my position, you must be flexible. I would have to say there is not really a typical element in my day. I assist our regional managers, property managers, assistant managers and floaters at 16 Westover Companies properties in making sure our accounts are pristine. The constant in my day is that I am always working on something. I may plan out what I am going to do, but, in reality I will have to reorganize based on level of importance. Some days I feel super productive because I’ve checked off my list and other days I have a whole new list that pops up and I don’t feel as accomplished because of the “lack of control” of that day. Did I mention, you must be flexible!”

Q: Can you talk about how you have professionally grown and changed since you first started as a Property Coordinator at Westover?

“YES! My professional and educational background is early childhood and psychology! I’ve honestly used skills from both and it has done well by me in this profession. I started here as a part-time employee at the Valley Forge Suites and later moved to The Lafayette at Valley Forge. The guidance there was the foundation that I needed to grow and that was my first year! Then, in my second year, I moved to Paoli Place as the full-time assistant co-manager! In my third year, I moved to the main office into AR/PC and I’m still learning every single day!”

Q: How has the company itself changed since you first started your career here?

“We sold our first property and invested in our first FL property. We are growing our main office with the addition of four new employees since I’ve been here this year. Since I’ve been here the discount for employees who rent with us have increased by double AND all employees were granted more sick days! We now get more communication from the Main Office with our texting alerts on new acquisitions! I’m pretty sure Alex’s Lemonade Stand has made my heart swell a trillion times every year as we exceed or goals and then match what we donate dollar for dollar!!! Animal Aide started since I’ve been here; saving the dogs near and far and having our employees donate their time to help! We are doing more than managing properties, we are constantly building and improving communities!”

Q: What is your favorite part about working at Westover’s main office?

“Oh geez, I like the independence and freedom that I have here. I have my own space, my supervisor Lori calls it my apartment! I love that everyone is positive and helpful! I feel free to ask questions and learn from my mistakes. I love the team environment and all the open doors; you will very rarely see a closed office door! To me, an open door is a open invitation to visit and I like that! I also love that every single morning everyone comes in and greets you good morning, including the owners!”

Q: Do you work closely with other Property Coordinators in Accounts Receivable or anyone in Accounts Payable?

“Oh, yes I do! Like I said, I’m working with the team of my dreams! Lori, our lead, she’s great and I think that translates through-out our team! I can come to anyone on my team for anything and vice versa. You can’t buy that kind of support!”

Q: What is your favorite part about working for Westover and do you have any advice for others looking to work for Westover?

“Is it cheesy to say everything? Yes, it is, but I am going to go with that because it is the truth. I love ending a day, feeling that even my tough days are worth it. Okay, I definitely love the free health benefits and my work/life schedule now. My advice would be do it! If you are willing to learn, grow and have an incredible work ethic, this is the place for you and we want you here!”

Sierra’s hard work does not go unnoticed here at Westover!

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